If you enjoy mental challenges, FreeCell might be the game for you. The Free Cell solitaire game, which is frequently played on the computer while you should be working, is played with a single deck of cards, with the jokers removed.

Free cell is a one-player game with rules similar to solitaire game that needs strategy and planning. Free Cell game is so similar to solitaire that it is often referred to as FreeCell solitaire.

Objective of FreeCell Game

The objective of the Free cell game is to fill the four HomeCells from Ace to King. For instance, A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K with the same suit.

Card Layout in FreeCell Solitaire

A single pack of 52 playing cards is used to play the Free Cell Solitaire game. Following a thorough shuffle of the deck, a row of eight cards is dealt face up to begin the tableau. On top of the first, five rows of eight cards are dealt face up, forming eight columns of six cards each. The last four cards are delivered to the first four columns, resulting in seven cards in the tableau’s first four columns and six cards in the tableau’s last four columns on the right.

Types of Deals in FreeCell Solitaire:

Random Deal: A Random Deal shuffles the cards at random, therefore not all random games could be won.

Numbered Deal: To play a predefined deal, choose a numbered deal (1 – 1,000,000). You can compete with others by using numbered deals, however not all of these deals have a solution.

Winning Deal: A Winning Deal is certain to include at least one winning solution, and if you’re having difficulties locating it, use “Show Me How To Win” to have it shown to you. A gold star will display on the toolbar after a Winning Deal is dealt. To view the Winning Deals display, tap the star in the toolbar. This display includes information about your game performance as well as a scoreboard with the highest scores.

How to Play FreeCell Game

  1. Organize the cards into eight rows (or select “new game” on your computer). The first four columns will have seven cards while the next four will have six cards.
  2. Stack the cards in descending order with the numerical values swapping colors. This means that you can only put red on black and black on red, and you can’t place, say, a six on a red seven
  3. Individual cards can be moved from one location to another. Moving several cards necessitates that there be enough space to transfer each card to one of the four “cells” above them (so if you have only one cell available, you can only move two cards at a time).
  4. Move the cards into the cells to make room.
  5. Arrange the cards in increasing numerical order on the stacks. The aces are moved first, followed by the twos, and so on, just like in solitaire. The piles are split by suit, and unlike solitaire, you cannot return a card to the game from the stacks.
  6. To win, move all of the cards from the game to the stacks.

What Rules should be followed while playing Free Cell Game

  1. FreeCell is a type of Solitaire (or Patience) that uses a conventional 52-card deck. It differs from most other solitaire games in that nearly all deals are winnable, making it a game of skill rather than chance.
  2. On the first deal, the cards are dealt face-up into the tableau’s eight columns. Four tableau columns have seven cards and four columns have six cards. The remaining playing space is made up of foundation piles (card spots with the letter “A” in the middle) and free cells (the card spots without the “A”).
  3. Cascades or sequences are constructed inside the tableau columns during play. Sequences are created in decreasing rank, such as 4-3-2-A, 10-9-8-7-6, K-Q-J, and so on. Cards can be moved from one tableau column to another or to and from the free cells as needed to build sequences.
  4. Sequences are constructed in alternating hues (red, black). You can move any exposed card at the base of a tableau column into an empty spot at the top of another tableau column, to complete a sequence, or to a free cell.
  5. Furthermore, any sequence of cards can be moved to another tableau column to build a series or to fill a card space at the top of an empty tableau column. To move a sequence of cards, there must be enough free cells to do so.
  6. As cards become available, they can be transferred to the foundation piles in the order of Ace to King. When all cards are moved to the foundation piles, the game is over.

Tips for Playing Free Cell game

Practice makes you perfect. You’ll eventually realize that you can’t just fill the cells early without a plan for re-filling them.

Hints in Free Cell Solitaire

The hint feature is designed to assist the player in recognizing available moves in the playing area. To use the hint function, use the “Hint” button. The hint method was not intended to show all available moves, simply those thought to be potentially useful in arriving to a solution.

Furthermore, the number of tips displayed is limited to 5 so that the player does not have to wait an extended period of time to begin play. Furthermore, the screen can be tapped at any point to exit the hint function.

How to play FreeCell Online

Free Cell is very popular card game like Solitaire. There are players who play FreeCell Solitaire from all across the globe. Hence, it results to a lot of searches about “How to play FreeCell online”. So, we have listed below some of the best websites where you can play FreeCell online for free.

However, from the above listed websites, the best one to play FreeCell online is 247 FreeCell. Free Cell 247 is well-renowned for its easier user interface, graphics and the functions like buttons and all. Even popular players of Free Cell solitaire have rated FreeCell 247 as one of the best websites to play this game online.


If you like playing cards and enjoy brushing up your mental skills by taking mental challenges, then FreeCell Solitaire is perfectly suited for you. Free cell is a perfect game to pass time and improve your card and mental skills.